Art | Music Event

Jubiläum/ Lichtkunstreihe/ Am I Dreaming
13 | 04 | 18


Light Installation


Emanuel Guarascio | Lukas Hoffmann


Nathan Surreal, Nathanel Megersa, Kiawash, Paul Linke, Laetizia, Packed Rich, Percussion Live Jam

Curator – Frank Balve 

Visuals by Colonel Forbin


The Panorama Space (exhibition space) was presented in an artistic individual position in short so as impulsive sections that deal with the subject of light. This version shows the artists EMANUEL GUARASCIO and LUKAS HOFFMANN with their installative collaborative work.


Untitled (kinetic object) | 2017 | Size varies

fan, neon tubes, cable, cord, wood, metal, textile, plastic, foam, acrylic glass, water


In the history of art, an assemblage refers to the combination of three-dimensional objects into an artistic work, often in the form of a relief or a sculpture. Lukas Hoffmann and Emanuel Guarascio, who have been working together for some time, have chosen the form of a mobile for their assemblage, but this has little in common with the traditional game of balance. There are no auxiliary constructions to which anything is attached. The interconnected individual parts are combined in their pure form. This means, for example, that a red extension cable, which is needed to put four parallel fluorescent tubes and the central table fan, the heart of the work, into operation, leads as an integral component to the ceiling. There it is wrapped around a carrier with multiple windings, analogous to the winding around the base of the fan. The work depends on itself.

The lateral back and forth movement of the fan is transferred via a simple construction to a tabletop on which a vessel with clear water is fixed. This plate is screwed again with a Plexiglas structure, which was fixed just like the fan under it, as well as the lights at a foam material element. The horizontal movement translates into a slight ascent and descent, the water level swings and the construction with the air flow trapped in the golden sack oscillates and circles extremely gently around its own axis through the room. Each component represents an image in itself, can be a symbol, like a picture puzzle. But only together do the parts create an airy and open projection surface for associations, which may be created by smooth surfaces, a golden air bag inflated by the fan, and the glistening light of the tubes. The structure has something of an abstract stage situation, of show and glamour. The individual parts are both “found” (like the fan) and “created” (like the specially shaped piece of plexiglass). The working process was characterized by discussions between the two artists about the necessity as well as the positioning of each individual piece. Finally they balance their weights both physically and figuratively in their meeting and show us a self-regulated play of forces.