about the project


► New art and culture platform in Munich’s West End

► Platform for a contemporary young culture with a broad program

► Active promotion of young talents in the creative scene

► Initiated and operated by the Munich artist Frank Balve

The KUNST BLOCK BALVE offers an exciting, multi-layered new location to the public interested in contemporary art and culture. The former rooms of a warehouse catches the visitors audience with it’s industrial character and strengthens the up-and-coming subculture in Munich. The KUNST BLOCK BALVE is set up on three components that come together in visual arts events (KUNST) with music events (BLOCK) and the initiator himself (BALVE). Three flexible rooms, which can be used parallel or in combination, extend over almost 1600 sqm’s: PANORAMA SPACE, a spacious 650 sqm’s room for exhibitions, performances and artist talks, as well as the two event areas BLACK CUBE and REFLEX. The BLOCK event series includes concerts, theatre and dance productions as well as readings. There is also a well-equipped workshop space where artist workshops can be held. The diversity of the program is also reflected in the young, dynamic team behind the scenes: artists, musicians, interns, designers, architects and restaurateurs all work together with great commitment.

Frank Balve, who founded his first booking agency and gave concerts as a teenager, is on well-known ground with the project KUNST BLOCK BALVE, crowning a long series of projects: For more than 10 years he has successfully pursued the vision of reviving the Munich art scene and creating new synergies. Even before graduating as a master student with Gregor Schneider at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, he was responsible for the Off-Art-Space Salong at the Akademie and the Salong Solang at the Sendlinger Tor, in addition to other numerous interim use projects.

by the artist Frank Balve and Balve Design Büro At KUNST BLOCK BALVE he is responsible for the concept and implementation as well as the curator of the exhibition program in close cooperation with the artists. Cooperations with other curators, publishers and other exhibition spaces and galleries are also planned. On long term, KUNST BLOCK BALVE wants to create a living breeding ground for the young Munich art scene, a place where discourses about art can be experienced and discussed. A special concern of the project is that local artists should find opportunity to realize exhibitions free of commercial constraints.

Information on the program and invitations to events are sent out via newsletter. If you want to experience the KUNST BLOCK BALVE, you have to be there yourself and come visit!

Literally everything that can be seen at Kunst Block Balve, from the CI and the entire interior to the washbasins in the toilets, was throughout designed and practically realised by Frank Balve and Balve Design Bureau. For enquiries or any other requests of interest please send a mail

Creative content (visuals, corporate Identity, design and colour concept ) by the artist Frank Balve and Design Bureau Balve @KUNST BLOCK BALVE |  Friedrich von Pauli Str. 21 | München