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Become part of the most revolutionary exhibition ever – interactive, semi-virtual, live.

It’s about to rush in the box! With the world’s first semi-virtual vernissage, we’ll bring back the glamour to your hut on Friday evening prime time.

You can expect a guided, moderated, room-spanning exhibition through the halls of the KBB and into your oasis of well-being, where the most important component besides the artworks is you yourself. And above all, have fun, have fun.

This year the curtain will finally fall on the premiere of the first semi-virtual art block Balve Art Show, online and via live broadcast directly into your living room. If you are forbidden to stroll to the art this winter, and to soak your hard-earned pennies in alcohol at the aftershow party afterwards, the art will march to you with all the trumpets and drums – that means we will pack our illustrious KBB vernissage including special guests and live performances in 4K and make a real bambule. But because art & boozing alone still doesn’t feel 100% socially accepted, we are sacrically happy for every participant*.

You can look forward to a space-spanning spectacle between exhibition space & club, guided and moderated by curator Frank Balve. Beside guests from art & music straight outta Munich, there will be a lot of alcohol.

With the KUNST BOX BALVE we bring people, art, music and much more back together in an exciting way. An import of the other kind.

Let’s do the Quarantine Show.