27 | 06 | 20

17 WEEKS LATER – A Quarantine Art Show

START 6pm – 8pm

✘ SATURDAY 27.06.20 | 6pm



Can you see that? Can you believe it?

Can you understand it?


Alone together, it’s been a great eight weeks…


but now is the time, are you ready? We are ready!

In compliance with all regulations, beautifully compliant, and yet quite different:

The largest corona quarantine exhibition in Germany!


Here directly, live, noticeably.

Cynicism is state-stabilizing.

We make a self-experiment – more than a guided tour, more than an exhibition, more than an experience in these times.


Experience real contemporary art at Kunst Block Balve!


Not similar, comparable, analogue, but the extension of the senses through numbers & figures.

Digitus, a must-have cynicism.

Epochal. Digital. Hal.

The KBB Art Show 9000.

For its first vernissage in the new world and with new hygiene regulations, Kunst Bock Balve is showing works by artists whose creation took place before or during the shutdown caused by Corona. Works that have experienced a conscious or unintentional change of perspective during the period of isolation, works of art that, together with all the emotions that accompany them, appear future-oriented, courageous and hopeful.


The red thread is not the COVID-19 pandemic, but how disease and politics are deeply penetrating and changing our lives. But rather how art and artists continue to hold their ground for society, reinvent themselves, give joy and optimism and thus demonstrate their ultimate and unique systemic relevance.

A lively exhibition paired with a performance-rich visual guidance by and with Frank Balve.


Sonja Allgaier | Daniel Bräg | Thomas Breitenfeld | Angela Geisenhofer | Maximilian Geuter | Maximilian Helk | Maya Hermens | Michael Hofstetter | Christian Leitna | Michele Melillo | Ivo Rick | Marius Sperlich | Venske & Spänle | Robert Weissenbacher | Pio Ziltz | Frank Balve | more tba

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