19 | 10 | 19 // 8.15 PM – OPEn END


BLOCK TRASH CINEMA as part of the series “LICHT KUNST” with works from 14 local artists (Objects, sculptures, plastics as well as photographies and ready-mades) 

Galactico is back to explore a new planet called KUNST BLOCK BALVE! Behind it hides a fascinating Open Art Space for everyone founded and run by the artist Frank Balve & Team. Only a few minutes away from the center of Munich, this unexpected place allows you to immerse yourself in a broad cultural cosmos. The Galactico series by Paul and The Hungry Wolf is intended to create an interdisciplinary symbiosis that extends beyond an ordinary club evening. 

So the art exhibition will start at 8:15 pm. As part of the series „Licht Kunst“ we present (you) for the first time our new BLOCK TRASH CINEMA with works/exhibits by 14 local artists. Objects, sculptures, plastics as well as photographies and ready-mades will be shown. The impressive Panorama Space (= exhibition space) will be played with individual artistic positions in short, impulse-like sections that deal with the theme “TRASH ART/TRASH CINEMA” in its various facets and angles. Spontaneous live performances in between are always possible and are a traditional part of the KBB’s good tone. 

Afterwards it continues in the next room, the Black Cube – that’s where we start the „Dance Classes for the Intergalactic Community“ with a selected, international DJ lineup until the late morning hours on a sound system which is a piece of art from Frank Balve by itself. For the Galactico kick-off, none other than DJ Fett Burger could be won. For many years now the eclectic and much sought-after Norwegian has been a respected hero of the underground as a producer with unmistakable handwriting, Vinyl-DJ par excellence, Label head of Sex Tag Mania and countless Sublabels.

With Benjamin Fröhlich, one of Munich’s most popular protagonists at the moment, will also be joining the BLOCK.

And of course the founders of Galactico Paul and The Hungry Wolf will also take you on their varied journey between Cosmic House, Space Disco and Drum Machine Jams – after long residencies at KONG and MMA it’s time for a new chapter. 


Ken Brown | Nena Čermák | Florian Donnerstag | Raphael Grotthuss | Verena Hägler | Michael Hofstetter | Verena Kandler | Jessica Kallage-Götze | Annamaria Leiste | Claudia Marr | Fumie Ogura | Tobias Ollert | Furkan Sakızlı | Florian Tenk


🎵 DJ Fett Burger [Sex Tags Mania] 

🎵 Benjamin Fröhlich [Permanent Vacation]

🎵 Paul and The Hungry Wolf [Galactico]



26 | 10 | 19

Liebe zur Discotheque  x  KUNST BLOCK BALVE

From the series “BLOCK CINEMA” with works by local artist*