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Aus der Strömung II

Exhibition times
09 | 04 | 19 - 18 | 04 | 19
Tue - Fri | 1pm - 4pm

Second part of a two-part art exhibition

“Forest chapels light up, fall down and stand still “

The two-part exhibition series is dedicated to the problem of the lack of cultural space in Munich. All exhibiting and performing artists* take up positions on the topic of being trend free in the content.

Due to the fact that the works in the commercial art spaces and fairs are oriented towards artistic trends and currents of the current time, the exhibition is mainly dedicated to works that do not focus on them and want to free themselves from them.

The shown artworks include medias as paintings, sculptures, sculptures, photographs, performances, drawings, objects, installations and videos.

After the exhibition there will be the possibilty to end the night with some live music and to exchange and share your views on the seen art.


Louisa Abdelkader | Ivan Baschang | Jörg Besser | Daniel Bräg | Roland Burkart | Heike Döscher | Robert Ekart | Florian Froese-Peeck | Raymond Gantner | Maximilian Geuter | Julie Goll | Susu Gorth | Christian Honold | Boris Maximowitz | Torsten Mühlbach | Edith Plattner | Moritz Walser | Marie Madlen Weber


► Max Weisthoff – „BLOAT“

► Münchener Kammerorchester –

MKO – News –

Oliver Klenk (clarinet) | David Schreiber (viola) | Viktor Stenhem (violin) | Simona Venslovaite (violin)

► Rötten Shock (Corazón anarcopunk from Munich!!!!!)

► Johanna Mauk + Band (Singer-Songwriter / Folk) 


Benjamin Fröhlich (Permanent Vacation)

Lagué Moin DJ Team (Radio 80000/KBB)

Kapuzal (live set)

Curator – Frank Balve // Concept of light – ISAR BASS