22 | 02 | 2019

Art Vernissage/ Start 18h

25 | 02 – 01 | 03 | 2019

Opening Hours TUE - FRi/ 1 - 4pm + arranged appointments



Since the beginning of art history, love has been the most frequently used source of inspiration for artistic creation. But love also goes with the themes of separation and farewell. In old masterly works such as the “Lamentation of Christ” by Sandro Botticelli (c. 1490) and “The Last Judgement” by Stefan Lochner (c. 1435) these terms were still interpreted in a biblical context. It’s about leaving the earth so as the time after physical death. Over the centuries the meaning of separation and farewell has changed and expanded enormously. There no longer exists a clear definition, instead there are even more areas in which oneself is being confronted with that topic. 38 artists have dealt with it and present their personal views on the subject of “separation and farewell” through the upcoming exhibition.


Julian Arayapong | Marc Aurel | Fabian Beger | Veronica Burnuthian | Florian Donnerstag | Astrid Fernandez | Benedikt Gahl | Raymond Gantner | Jakob Gilg | Ben Goossens | Emanuel Guarascio | Maximilian Helk | Melina Hennicker | Lukas Hoffmann | Christian Honold | Heeyoung Jo Young Jun Lee | Josef Köstlbacher | Veit Kowald | Max Kyrein | Andreas Lech | Changheon Lee | Christian Leitna | Tiger Liliental | Pnik | Marcel Ralle | Sara Raschke | Katja Rausch | Alexander Scharf | Michael Schmidt | Gülbin Ünlü | Zafer Urun | Aeneas Wankelmuth Felix Leon Westner Elisabeth Wieser | Marian Wiesner | Andreas Woller | Pio Ziltz

Concept of curation – FRANK BALVE

Concept of light – ISAR BASS

The exhibition will be opened until 10 pm.

After the exhibition there will be the possibility to end the night with some live music at the bar area.


ABOA (Drums/ Double Bass – Duo)


POLIZEI (Electronic Live Band) 

KATOBISAN [SALONG SOLANG] (DJ- Vinyl-Set) Electronic | Jungle | Jazz | Breaks / DnB