Most frequent questions and answers

Babies are allowed. Concerning concerts and events with loud music, necessary precautions (hearing protection) should be considered. Parents are responsible for their children.

Dogs are generally not allowed at KBB, the only exception are guide dogs.

The platform KBB consists out of four rooms, three out of them can be used for public events. Our exhibitions take place in the Panorama Space. The Black Cube is meant for performances, concerts and other events. Workshops and meetings can be held in the Flex Room.

There is the possibility to rent the whole platform so as single spaces if the planed event/ happening fits to our philosophy. All requests will be handled individually.

There is a goods lift available but it only can be used with trained staff.

The opening hours depend on current exhibitions and events. Further informations regarding the opening hours can be received via the newsletter, please register therefor in the mailing list.

Short informations about upcoming events so as ticket sales can be found on the KBB Website. Detailed info’s can only be received via newsletter.

The entrance fee depends on the current event. Informations about current events can be received via newsletter.

The option to buy food depends on the given event. Drinks are available at the KBB bar during events and exhibitions. 

No, during showroom opening times staff members can show you around. Apart from that you have to contact us in person to arrange a guided tour.

Currently we’re looking for interns, applications can be sent via mail. All job offers can be found on the website under the category Jobs in the footer.