KUNST BLOCK BALVE is a Munich-based platform for art and culture, which has been established by the artist Frank Balve. The long-term goal is to re-attract a sizeable movement of youth culture that will give Munich the innovative edge is has started to lack.



The space is 650 square meter hall in which there is a rotating presentation of both local and international artists. As an integral philosophy, KBB does not support installations which are of a commercially-oriented character.



The BLOCK is the event aspect of KBB. It offers a variety of music, dance and theatre. The program is both diverse and of high quality, and thusly attracts the attention of a wide span of the public – this is meant to foster the newly forming art scene of the city.



Frank Balve, born in 1986, studied painting, sculpture, performance, glass, ceramics, photography and conceptual art at the Academy of Fine Arts. He completed his diploma in February 2017 as a master student with Gregor Schneider. He is a freelance artist, curator, photographer and musician. His creative center is located in Munich.

For more information, please visit frankbalve.de.